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Torggler Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Universitätsring 10/5
1010 Vienna, Austria


+43 1 532 31 70


+43 1 532 31 70-80


FN 410075 b (Handelsgericht Wien)
ATU 68445024

We are lawyers pursuant to Austrian law and subject to the supervision by the Vienna Bar Association. The relevant statutes and legal regulations like the Professional Code for Lawyers (RAO), Practice Guidelines for Lawyers, the Directives for the Performance of the Lawyer's Profession and for the Training of Trainee Lawyers (RL-BA) as well as the Disciplinary Code for Lawyers and Trainee Lawyers (DSt) are available under

Business Purpose: Purpose of the business is the practice of law, including the required support, as well as the management of the company's assets (Art 21c no 6 RAO).